Red Label - Performance Series

Elura Red Label is the speaker line that pioneered the quest for a no-nonsense, uncompromised sound, combined with the best aesthetics. To create a product with this type of high quality sound, the design team at Elura compared the sonic and spectral signature of numerous architectural speakers in the industry. Based on the results of their findings, they identified deficiencies in other speakers and designed a new platform to ensure that the Red Label series provided the listener with a stunning, audible experience. The overwhelming amount of praise from the audio industry confirmed that Red Label speakers were a winner.

  • Conveniently replaces front channel speakers ( L, C, R )
  • Can be mounted on the wall, to an articulating TV bracket, or placed on a TV stand
  • Low profile matches most flat screen TV depths
  • Built with high quality, perfectly matched, speaker components
  • Engineered to work with most audio and video receiver / amplifiers of 20 to 100W / CH

LIMITED LIFETIME WARRANTY - Elura speaker products are guaranteed to meet or exceed the specifications included in this manual and carry with them a lifetime limited warranty under normal conditions of use. This warranty covers free parts and labor on all components with the obligation that Elura will repair or replace any component found defective in materials or workmanship. This warranty does not apply to products that have been abused, incorrectly installed, modified, disassembled and/or repaired by anyone other than Elura or our appointed repair facility.

Benefits And Features

4x 4" Aluminum Woofers
It’s difficult to achieve bass output with a thin sound bar. Elura maximizes the bass output by utilizing more woofers than most. The SBR1 features 4 active aluminum woofers with 4 passive woofers. The benefit is fast and smooth bass output from a ultra-thin sound bar.
Brushed Black Extruded Aluminum
Speakers require an enclosure to produce accurate low frequencies. You want a rigged enclosure that has plenty of air space for the woofers to produce low bass. The problem is that you want the sound bar to be thin and unassuming as possible. Extruded aluminum was the best choice for a sound bar chassis because it allowed for maximum air space while being much more rigged than plastic or thin wood.
3x 1" Soft Dome Tweeters
Combining 1” soft dome tweeters with aluminum woofers proved to be a winning combination for a sound bar. The Elura team tested many different materials to achieve a realistic sound. The end result is a sound bar that is not only accurate but also sounds much larger than it is.
Magnetic Grill
The grill has small magnets imbedded in its frame that allow it to be easily taken off or put back on.


  • MSRP
  • Type
  • Woofer Description
  • Tweeter Description
  • Chasis
  • Grill
  • Overall dimensions
  • Technical Drawing
  • SBR1
  • $699.99/EA.
  • Wall Mountable Passive Sound Bar
  • 4x 4" Aluminum Woofers + 4x 4" Aluminum Passive Radiators
  • 3x 1" Soft Dome Tweeters
  • Brushed Black Extruded Aluminum
  • Removeable Magnetic Grill
  • 5” x 50” x 2”
  • SBR1_specs
  • LCR1
  • $349.99/EA.
  • Wall Mountable Passive Sound Bar
  • 2x 4” Anodized Injection Molded Cones
  • 1x 1” Soft Dome Tweeters
  • Brushed Black Extruded Aluminum
  • Removeable Magnetic Grill
  • 5” x 23.75” x 2”
  • LCR1_specs