Blue Label by Sonance - Premium Series

Blue Label by Sonance

Blue label is the collaborative efforts of the Elura team and Sonance (Dana Innovations), the inventor of the in-wall speaker, to create a series of premium architectural speakers. The primary design objective for Blue Label is to provide a realistic true to recording sound in any room in your home regardless if you are listening to music or watching a movie. To achieve this goal, the team had to find materials that had inherently superior sound characteristics, and that could be acoustically tuned to perfection. The Elura team is confident that the Blue Label speakers by Sonance will sonically outperform any speaker in its category.
LIMITED LIFETIME WARRANTY - Elura speaker products are guaranteed to meet or exceed the specifications included in this manual and carry with them a lifetime limited warranty under normal conditions of use. This warranty covers free parts and labor on all components with the obligation that Elura will repair or replace any component found defective in materials or workmanship. This warranty does not apply to products that have been abused, incorrectly installed, modified, disassembled and/or repaired by anyone other than Elura or our appointed repair facility.

Benefits And Features

We expect great performance from our speakers, but not everyone wants to see them. Elura accomplished this by removing as much material and all badging from the grill, allowing a clean and elegant profile for the acoustically transparent grill.
The CarbonX Woofer is constructed from dry carbon impregnated paper. This unique material is very lightweight but incredibly stiff. The benefit is increased power handling, pronounced mid-range, and exceptional bass extension. The surround is the suspension of every speaker. The problem is that most surrounds get in the way of the actual sound that leaves the speakers cone. The Blue Label Silhouette surround smoothly transitions into the CarbonX woofer for smoother frequency response which results in a pure, clean sound.
Gold binding post connections along with over-sized dog-ear style mounting clips make for a simple and easy install.
Chambered tweeters are expensive and are usually found on premium Hi-Fi speakers. Since the Blue Label series are the flagship of the Elura brand, they had to have a chambered tweeter. The 1” Coated silk dome chambered tweeter coupled with an extra-large surround allows Chambered XL tweeter to play lower and blend seamlessly with the CarbonX woofer.
Just about all rooms have acoustical challenges. The treble contour switch will allow you to tune the speaker to any room for optimal performance.
The only thing that should move or vibrate on a speaker is the speaker cone itself. Any vibration within the chassis of the speaker can cause unwanted audible results. The Elura Blue Label frame and baffle is more ridged than most standard designs.


  • MSRP
  • Woofer size
  • Woofer material Type
  • Tweeter Size
  • Tweeter material type
  • Sensitivity
  • Overall dimensions
  • Cut-out dimensions
  • Pre-Construction Bracket
  • Power handling
  • Frequency Range
  • Ohms
  • Technical Drawing
  • S6.5IW
  • $799.99/PR.
  • 6.5 inch
  • Carbon fiber impregnated paper
  • 1 inch
  • XL Chambered Silk Dome, Pivoting
  • 91 db.
  • 7.87” (w), 11.76“ (h), 3.43” (d)
  • 6.89” (w), 10.83” (h)
  • B6.5IWBRKT
  • 5-130 watts
  • 45Hz - 20Khz
  • 8 ohms
  • S65IW_specs
  • S6.5LCRIW
  • $549.99/EA.
  • 6.5 inch
  • Carbon fiber impregnated paper
  • 1 inch
  • XL Chambered Silk Dome, Pivoting
  • 91 db.
  • 7.87” (h), 15.57“ (w), 3.47” (d)
  • 6.89” (h), 14.57” (w)
  • 5-130 watts
  • 45Hz - 20Khz
  • 8 ohms
  • S65LCRIW_specs